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Main Features

  • Support of backup copying and restoration OS:
    • Windows 95 (OSR2)
    • Windows 98 (SE)
    • Windows Millennium
  • Convenient choice of files and folders to backup copying
  • Support any archivers
  • Use of Task Sheduler for making reserve copy at user-defined intervals
  • CRC32 checksum calculation for tracing of changed files
  • Economy of place on disk:
    • Do not backup files, if they are in distribution Windows
    • Using of files from an already existing backup copy
  • Using of "backup profiles"
  • Unpacking of files from the distribution Windows without use of the external utilities
  • Extended features of restoration of backup copy Windows:
    • restoration of a backup copy Windows in any of the folders
    • removal of not used files
    • using of quick restoration of backup copy Windows (skip unchanged file)
  • Manager of backup copies:
    • viewing of the information about backup copies
    • removal of the unnecessary copies
  • Commenting any copies
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