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Did you know that you can easily backup and restore all your Windows files?

When you install more and more programs Windows may slow down and may even lock-up or hang. To remedy this condition you may have thought that it was necessary to reinstall Windows, but it isn't. All you need to have a OS Backup Wizard backup copy. OS Backup Wizard 1.19 is developped to save your time and disk space to backup only selected files or make incremental back-up Windows OS.

Since 1 december 2003 a technical support is not provided.

A brief review

OS Backup Wizard v1.19 (17.12.2002)

OS Backup Wizard will quickly and easily backup your Windows 95, 98 or ME system or restore your system to the original state.
You can select files, folders for backup.
When using an incremental backup mode, it decreases time necessary for creation of backup copy and its size up to 85-95%.
You can skip files if they exist in Windows distribution, in that case the backup copy size will be only 5-10 MB.
OS Backup Wizard can use Task Scheduler for backup at user-defined intervals.
OS Backup Wizard can save a backup profile to include all files and folders those you need.
OS Backup Wizard "Quick Restoration" option is fast since it does not restore files that did not change.
With OS Backup Wizard you may use any archive tool that supports long names.
OS Backup Wizard tracks detailed information of your backup copies such as copy size on disk, unpacking files size etc.
OS Backup Wizard has easy to use interface and its Wizard helps you to create backup copy.

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