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History of making the program


Version 1.10 (01.06.2001)

  • Backup copying on timetable
  • List of installed applications
  • Extended information about backup copy

Version 1.0 (12.02.2001)

  • First public version
  • Removing not used files
  • No restriction on amount of processable files and folders

Version 0.8 (22.12.2000)

  • Help
  • Installation of program
  • Additions of the comment to any backup copy
  • Quick restoration of backup copy Windows
  • Blacklist
  • Backup manager
  • The options "Add date to copy name" and "Use only date as copy name" are added
  • Additional properties on work with profiles

Version 0.6 (05.09.2000)

  • Choice of folders and files at backup copying
  • Backup profiles
  • Express backup copying with using a profile

Version 0.4 (20.07.2000)

  • Creation of backup copy with using of the previous copy
  • Updated the program design
  • Program settings
  • Archivers settings
  • The speed of the program is increased
  • Tracing unchanged files by name, size, date and checksum of file
  • Display a process of creation and restoration of backup copy

Version 0.2 (15.05.2000)

  • Creation and restoration to copy using of one archiver
  • Changed user interface

Version 0.1 (22.04.2000)

  • Calculation general volume of files Windows and size of files contained in distribution Windows
  • Work in console mode
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