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How to use


Setup OS Backup Wizard

  • Download the program from our site. We do not recommend to download it from other site, since we can not guarantee, that it does not contain viruses and is last version.
  • Run the program installer.
  • Specify the folder for installing program.
  • After installation you should specify a folder for the backup copies. The program will create shortcuts on Desktop, in the Start menu.
  • Run OS Backup Wizard.
  • To uninstall OS Backup Wizard, you need to take the following steps:
    1. In Control Panel, double-click the Add/Remove Programs icon.
    2. Click OS Backup Wizard, and then follow the instructions on your screen.

Advices when work with program

  • For acceleration of backup copying create a new profile and use it for creation of backup copies.
  • If you want at restoration to get the exact copy of Windows, then check "Delete not used files" checkbox. It is necessary to remove new files, which have appeared in a folder "Temporary Internet Files" or anyone another.
  • Use "Backup Manager" for viewing of information on created backup copies.
  • For more information, please see Help.
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